Our Clients

Helping increase sales and profitability for wholesale growers

We work with horticulture companies on both sides of the Atlantic to help them increase sales and profitability. In general, our customers fall into one of the following categories:

  • Dutch (European) companies that sell consumer goods or durable goods in lawn and garden that are looking to expand sales and market their products in the US and/or Canada.
  • European companies that have stagnated sales in North American and would like to improve performance and generate sales growth.
  • European companies that have the ability to grow sales by US$3 - $5 million per year. Everyone wants to sell to the big box stores, however few can deliver on the scale they are looking for – the orders are huge.
  • European companies that would like to learn more about the US and/or Canadian retail environments.
  • European companies that are looking for new and innovative ways to grow sales

If you fit into any of the categories above or feel that we can help you improve sales and profitability, please contact us.